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The Spring Cheer starts the week of April 22nd!

The Spring Cheer season ends June 23rd!


The spring flex season kicks off the week of April 22nd!

The Spring season ends June 23rd!

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Our Fall season is right around the corner!

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Millbury-Sutton Youth Football and Cheer

Millbury-Sutton Youth Football and Cheer Association is proud to be a member of American Youth Football and Cheer. Founded in 1996, American Youth Football and Cheer is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that provides support services, scholarships, grants, giving back programs and tournaments to over 700,000 participants, 90,000 coaches, and 40,000 administrators in 50 states and several countries worldwide.  AYF/AYC is committed to Giving Back and since its inception in 1996, has donated over $15 million dollars in grants and athletic product to communities that support youth football. AYF/AYC was the first national organization to offer all-inclusive football divisions, enabling every child a place to play.

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